Rachel Seats, M. Ed Education, Parent & Life Coach

From her earliest memories, Rachel Seats has been surrounded by devoted, career teachers and administrators.

Growing up in a family of educators, Sunday dinners and holidays were often lively discussions of school happenings or strategies to innovate American education. After graduating from Orange County High School in Virginia, Rachel continued small campus learning by heading to Emory & Henry College. Joining the family business of teaching, she gained a BA in English and Education minor. Teaching and working with all levels of students, she launched her career at Osbourn High School and later Spotsylvania High School, both in Virginia. The more she taught, the more fascinated she was by how students learned and research to engage them. In 2009, Rachel earned her Master’s in Educational Leadership from the University of Mary Washington. Spending a year at Massaponax High School as an administrative intern and facilitating credit recovery pilots for Spotsylvania County Schools, Rachel loved helping students determine their paths. Returning to the classroom and immersing her students in literacy programs, she realized students benefited from personalized approaches to learning. After a few years of research and positive feedback from students and parents, Rachel decided to create The Academic Agency. The Academic Agency combines her years of research, training as an Academic Life Coach, and ability to make learning relevant for clients. By treating each family and student as elite clients, Rachel creates an innovative approach to revolutionize academic experiences for life-long learners. When not serving as the “Olivia Pope” of academics, she is a wife, mother, and entrepreneur.

Rachel has joined with Intuitive Journeys as a contractor/consultant providing life coaching, parenting coaching, and mental health coaching services.