Jaysun Salcedo Baez CFOO, Practice Administrator & Coach

Jaysun’s Story: If someone told me 15 years ago that I would be coaching adolescents, men, women and couples in how to improve their relationships and have healthy, passionate intimacy, I would have asked, “What have I been drinking?”  When I am asked, “What made you become a Mental Health and Intimacy Coach?” The simple answer,” I walked into an office…’

In the early 2000, Jaysun divorced and went on a healing journey, to find the missing link in his life. He had forgotten how to enjoy life, to savor its many pleasures and to live passionately with absolutely no apologies. His enthusiasm for life was snuffed out. He was a man with endless ambition, but no real inspiration or purpose. He desperately needed to transform his life. Life was routine and predictable. He went to his corporate job, did what was required and was paid well. But here’s the thing, his body was there, however his mind and spirit was someplace else. Also, being part of the corporate juggernaut, he was constantly being told, you need to do more, be better; ‘the’ main priority is to get ahead, let people into his personal space, and on and on. When he decided to leave the corporate world, he remarks that he ‘finally felt free’. He started living life on his terms which helped him begin to realize his true value.

Jaysun began many businesses during this period of time using his strong visions and abilities in technology, marketing, and business development. Even though these paths provided much success, travel, and joining with like-minded individuals, Jaysun did not feel that he had all his puzzle pieces in the right places.

Then he was introduced to Intuitive Journeys. Marianne (Founder and CEO) invited Jaysun to join the IJ team originally to build IJ’s website. Throughout early conversations between Jaysun and Marianne, she realized that Jaysun’s skills were much more than what had been presented to date. From that time forward, Marianne began to guide Jaysun in uncovering these hidden talents and skills. As time progressed, Jaysun reviews that he realized of the ‘perfect integration between his loves of helping others and professional development’, between structure and spontaneous creativity. His adventure had begun.

Jaysun’s motivation when working with clients with mental health and intimacy struggles:

  1. Belief that, for many, intimacy, both physical and emotional, is a natural desire and can be crucial to our health and happiness.
  2. Belief it is a learned skill. It is worthy of knowing more about, cultivating and nurturing, in a realistic and life-affirming manner.
  3. While we all possess wisdom and ability to love, we sometimes need help in finding the right tools and support and guidance in how to use these tools.
  4. Belief that is NEVER too late to figure out what blocks us from our true connections in life.
  5. Goal for each to reach that optimum connection, and to have the knowledge of how to continually develop and maintain loving and fulfilling relationships.

Jaysun presents a positive and powerful ability to “listen” to individuals. He listens for clues that suggest questions one may have overlooked. Often the answers can be found within the questions. It may be a question that you have been afraid to ask yourself. He listens for clues that present solutions he can suggest that are unique to “you or your relationship’.

Jaysun pairs with Marianne to offer specialized individualized combined counseling/coaching services for those struggling with intimacy (emotional and/or physical). These sessions help individuals and couples struggling with various issues such as communication, transitional periods in their relationships, sexual concerns and/or struggles, and those looking to strengthen their relationships during challenging times.

Jaysun uses a strengths-based approach in his coaching; focusing on each client’s unique values to help them understand what is and isn’t lining up with their core values and goals. Through powerful questions, he supports his clients in creating goals and strategies for living a life that is genuinely meaningful and purposeful for them.

“Jaysun is an unusually powerful coach. He has the rare combination of a big heart, a sharply trained mind, a generous spirit, and a true love for others. I have watched Jaysun with awe and appreciation as he has worked with individuals in a beautifully emphatic fashion. He has the ability to inspire the best in others and to spark positive changes in the midst of chaos in others’ lives.” Marianne Redmond Lopez, LCSW

Jaysun’s Credentials and Experience Include:

  • Chief Financial & Operations Officer: Intuitive Journeys PLC

*Practice Administrator

  • Business Coach
  • Intimacy Coach

*Mental Health Coach

  • Life Coach
  • President/ Founder: Big Blue Digital Solutions
  • Director: Big Blue Enterprises Inc
  • Bachelors Degree – Strayer University
  • Avionics : United States Marine Corps

Jaysun has native and bilingual proficiency in both English and Spanish.

Jaysun currently serves as Chief Financial and Operations Officer at IJ. With over 15 years of experience, his broad range of knowledge has enabled him to understand all aspects of business operations and financial management. Areas of expertise include business startup, reorganization, developing and implementing policies and procedures, developing and maintaining accounting systems, practice management and streamlining and strengthening business and financial operations.

Please contact the office to schedule an appointment with Jaysun to review if his coaching, consulting expertise, and/or intimacy coaching style is a fit for you.