Bernadette M. McGee, MS, QMHP-C/A Resident in Counseling, Clinical Supervisor: Marianne Redmond Lopez, LCSW

         M.S.Rehabilitation Counseling, Specialized in Mental Health Counseling 

       B.S. Psychology, Minor in Sociology

Bernadette is an experienced clinician with over 8 years of experience with clients ranging from very young children to adults. She has compassionately helped many individuals as well as children and their families who struggled with social, behavioral, and emotional issues to improve all aspects of their lives. Bernadette enjoys working with individuals, children and their families, helping them build confidence and resiliency through improved self-image and social skills as well as effective coping skills to better deal with any negatives surrounding them to become stronger, more successful and happier in the process. Providing a sincere and optimistic atmosphere to those in need, Bernadette encourages “paying it forward”, to bring about positive change in our society one person at a time.

Bernadette has always wanted to help others become their best self, encouraging and supporting them in reaching their goals. She has an optimistic and kind spirit that people are naturally drawn to and seek out for friendship as well as in times of need. As Bernadette became aware of her niche with helping others in her own adolescent years, she began her counseling career path. Bernadette now holds a Master of Science in Rehabilitation Counseling, specializing in Mental Health from Thomas University in Thomasville, Georgia (received in 2013). She also holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology with a minor in sociology from Virginia Tech. At Virginia Tech her cooperative studies focused on family systems and parenting styles. She also focused on volunteering within the community with children who were diagnosed with behavioral issues and learning disabilities, participated in a drug-free education program, and helped with social skills and homework at an afterschool program. Bernadette also volunteered her time with the adult population who were diagnosed with dementia and Alzheimer’s. Now in residency to become a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC), she is also focusing on in developing her therapeutic skills in play therapy and art therapy, marriage and family therapy, as well as personal growth. Bernadette is also a member of Chi Sigma Iota, international counseling academic and professional honor society, as well as alpha Kappa Delta Phi, an international Asian-American interest sorority. She continues as an active member, contributing as an alumni. She is currently working under Clinical Supervisor, Marianne Redmond Lopez, LCSW.  

At IJ, Bernadette provides counseling, coaching, and wellness services to all age groups. She also provides therapeutic aromatherapy services as well as therapeutic play, art, and writing services.

Graduating from Virginia Tech in 2007, Bernadette began her career as an intensive in-home counselor, working with at risk children and their families from within their own homes in the Richmond inner city area. There she worked intensively with families to create and develop a more cohesive and positive atmosphere for the family. She assisted families with developing effective communication skills as well as parenting skills to improve family dynamics in the home. Bernadette also worked with the children to develop coping skills, communication skills, social skills and other necessary life skills to be able to improve and manage their emotions, behaviors and social interactions within the home as well as in the community. In 2008, Bernadette gained in depth experience successfully working with in the juvenile criminal justice system with clients in a 24-hour residential watch facilities, where many of the teens were gang affiliated. The primary goal being to help the residents develop effective coping strategies and decision making skills sufficient to reintegrate into society as positive contributing citizens of society. Having since moved to Fredericksburg in 2009, Bernadette has broadened her experiences into other community-based programs such as mental health support services, life coaching, substance abuse groups, and therapeutic day treatment. In each of these programs, Bernadette has worked with a multitude of mental health issues such as anxiety, depression, anger management, low self-esteem, substance abuse, bipolar disorder, attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD), oppositional defiant disorder (ODD), and borderline personality disorder. In conjunction with her significant exposure to family systems, hands on work in the homes, and education, she continues to be able to help others successfully meet their goals and improve their lives, as well as help children and their families become successful in school and creating a healthy family environment.  

Not only does Bernadette have a passion for helping others, she is a well-rounded, open minded person who loves being an active member in her community. She enjoys learning and sharing new experiences with others, attempting to try everything at least once. In her free time, Bernadette organizes a women’s social group, is a mentor, an advocate for holistic health and wellness, volunteers with in her community, plays outfield for her softball teams, cooks, paints and enjoys a variety of crafts. She finds joy in being very active as well as being creative. Bernadette likes to work with others to improve their surroundings, creating everything from homemade remedies to bookshelves, and thanks to a very fun and useful website,, she continues to improve her  “Do-It-Yourself” skills.