There are times when LIFE happens, quickly individuals feel they have no place to turn. Our HUB service is here for those times. THE HUB offers every individual the opportunity to come in and speak with one of our clinicians. They will work with you in creating a plan on how to handle your situation.

THE HUB is a Walk-in service, so you do not need an appointment. Just come to THE HUB during the times open. It’s best to come in during the early part of the clinic hours. Services are first come, first serve, so there may be a short wait.

Typically, counseling sessions are 30 minutes to an hour long, and are held in private rooms.  Walk-In services are strictly confidential.

About a third of clients come only once, but you and the counselor may decide that additional visits, referrals, or assessments are appropriate.  For these services, you can make an appointment or we can also refer you to other helping organizations in the community for additional resources.