Alcohol and Drug Evaluation

Have you ever wondered if you have a problem with alcohol or drugs? Do you know your use is excessive, but don’t know whether you need treatment? Do you ever wonder what is behind your use…..or that you are avoiding or masking with your use? An evaluation by an experienced professional can answer those and other questions about your alcohol or drug use.

An evaluation includes an interview and completion of several written assessments. In addition to instruments that are intended to evaluate your relationship with substances, other measures will assess mental status, suicide risk and screen for underlying affective disorders. The results of your assessment will tell you if there is an indication of a possible substance problem. More importantly, if a problem is identified, recommendations/options can be reviewed that would help provide you with a successful outcome. For additional information or to schedule an evaluation, please contact the office. Please contact Gouss Joseph at or call 540.300.1564 ext 713 to get on the road to recovery.

Substance Addiction Therapy helps clients understand their addiction during individual substance abuse therapy sessions. During the outpatient process, you will be expected to be alcohol and/or drug free to allow your body to heal. But substance abuse therapy is not just about getting your body healed – it’s about understanding why drugs and alcohol have had such control in your life and how you can change to break the addictive cycle.

 Substance abuse therapy is an ongoing process that helps clients to see the benefits of pursuing and maintaining an alcohol or drug-free lifestyle – not only for them, but for their friends and family as well. Substance abuse therapy helps to identify the series of complex emotions that accompanied the beginning of the cycle, the recovery process and any confusing feelings that you may have about your achievements.

Intuitive Journeys provides substance services for the individual, couple, and/or family. We drug test randomly throughout the time that a client is within our program.