Consulting Services

IJ provides consultation services to professionals (lawyers, teachers, business owners and other mental health professionals) who encounter individuals who may need to be referred to a therapist or need therapy services. We also consult with professionals who may need a confidential ear to process how they can best work with their client or an employee.

 What is a Consultation and How Can It Help?

 Consultation services are a preventative and proactive approach to getting some guidance and support during a life transition or in daily living. Consultation is for the benefit of helping a client or others find some answers, advice, guidance and/or resources for their particular concerns. These services are short-term and are supplemented with phone sessions and information to continue the support. It is not psychotherapy in that it is truly just to receive some guidance and assessment about what might help the client’s situation.

 A consultation provides a safe place to talk with a mental health professional about concerns regarding yourself, your partner, your children, employee, co-workers, etc. without the need to commit to on-going psychotherapy, assuming it’s not indicated. It will also allow individuals to explore some concerns and to make decisions or changes in their lives to move in the direction of wellness and confidence.

 Parent Consultation

 Sometimes people are concerned about their child but aren’t sure if there is truly a need for counseling or whether there may be other techniques and advice that might help the situation.  A PARENT CONSULTATION is the perfect choice because it gives parents direct access to a professional who is knowledgeable about families, children, parenting and mental health disorders and help sort out the areas of concern, what can be done, who can help and what strengths you can build upon. Please contact for fees and to schedule an appointment.

 Supervision Services

 If you are not receiving the supervision required for your LCSW license or if you wish to receive more individual and personalized supervision, as a licensed clinical social worker I can provide that for you in any Intuitive Journeys’ offices. Please see the ‘Clinical Supervision’ page on our website and/or schedule an time to review.


Speaking Engagements/Community Education

IJ is a strong advocate of education and an active participant in community outreach. We can prepare a presentation for your business, agency, community organization or religious organization on a variety of topics, including addictions, conflict resolution, parenting & communication techniques, self-esteem and depression.

Please contact for fees and/or schedule a time for review.


Therapeutic Business Group Consulting

 Intuitive Journeys, PLC introduces a second new division of our services at this time, Therapeutic Business Group Consulting. We’ve realized that many excellent therapists have never been able to become profitable in private practice.Some don’t even know where to start. Instead, they feel stuck in agency work, overworked, overwhelmed, and underpaid.


Therapists just aren’t getting the essential business and marketing skills they need to be successful in private practice. Starting, marketing and working  

a private practice or increasing client flow in an existing practice can often be frustrating and confusing. Whether you are a psychologist, social worker,

counselor, or psychotherapist, it’s unlikely your graduate school prepared you for the business side of private practice. This is why we have built our

division ‘Therapeutic Business Group Consulting’ to provide those specific individual consultations to therapists – just like you, who want to grow their

own successful practices. Our services are by private consultations only and tailored to the specific needs of your therapy practice at this time. Fees are

contracted, but negotiable based on size of business and work necessary by our consultants. Contact us today for more


Family & Friends Education and Support


If a family member or friend has recently been diagnosed with a mental illness (i.e. Bipolar disorder, depression, or

schizophrenia) family and friends can feel confused, helpless and unsure of how to assist their loved one in this difficult



This service provided by Intuitive Journeys provides a personalized approach, tailored directly to the client and their diagnosis, thereby creating a

support system for the loved one and those of you who may be involved in their lives.


Services include:


  • Private sessions with the client’s family & friends. IJ has different packages of Education and Support services.
  • Education about your loved one’s mental illness; it’s etiology, common treatments and medications frequently used to treat it.
  • A handbook of community resources for you to review and walk ‘the path’.
  • Work completed collaboratively with the client’s current therapist and psychiatrist (if they have either one) to develop a care plan that keeps the client’s needs, best interest, and safety as the primary goal.


Please contact for fees and/or schedule a time for review.


Couple (Premarital, Committed, or Married) Structured Programs, Therapy, Bootcamps, Intensives, and Workshops


At Intuitive Journeys, we have developed a 4 to 5-hour “Boot Camp” for relationships. It isn’t for everyone or for every

problem, but for some couples, it is the best way to go. It gives enough time to fully discuss issues, learn new

ways of doing things and creating a strategy of what you are going to do as a couple in the future. But our review doesn’t  just end  with how to work

through difficulties!! No way! Being a couple isn’t all about solving problems. It is also about having fun, being more intimate and trusting that other

person. In a couple’s boot camp, the goals are for you to leave knowing how to have more fun, talk to each other, and just enjoy each other!


The Cost of a Double Therapy Session (90 Minutes): 

The cost of a double therapy session by a Licensed Clinician (90 minutes) is $200. Research shows if individuals are able to do double sessions, results

are achieved more quickly and is actually less expensive in the long run. With the increased focus, individuals and couples can jump start

their new path in their journey.


The Cost of a Therapy Intensive:

This can be set up in a number of ways. A common way is to have 3 double sessions (Three 90 minute sessions) in a single day. The cost of this would

be $600. This is extremely successful in helping to ‘re-route’ one’s journey.


Call today to find out more about programs or to schedule an assessment.