IJ History

I founded Intuitive Journeys in 2003, 2 years after I received my LCSW. My life’s journey has brought me many detours, forks-in-the-road, sadness, pain, and happiness. Because of wonderful caring family members, mentors, friends, and doctors, I believe that I am at the best place emotionally than I have ever been. Therefore at this time my  dream is to have a center where clients’ healing comes first, where all healers can work together to create a one of a kind center where all are welcome and feel safe, secure and are able to heal and grow spiritually, mentally and physically.


As I look back at my life today, I was given the opportunity to have many twists and turns and roads of different compositions. I was adopted at the age of 6 weeks. During the month of August when I was 9, my family’s vacation consisted of traveling by car across the United States. For amount of time (I was sleeping in the backseat) that no one knows specifically, I had a temperature of 104. Once I was at a hospital, and after a spinal tap, I was diagnosis with Viral Meningitis. My severe migraines began quickly after. In 1985 a few of Virginia Tech’s psychology graduate students were completing a research study on biofeedback. My mother insisted that I be a participant. I am very grateful to her for urging me to do so as I have used biofeedback to curb my headaches since 1985.


In 1992, I fell while dismounting the uneven bars (gymnastics) and cracked my L5 vertebrate in my back. I was given many forms of medications for pain and muscle contractions which only resulted in making my stomach ill or psychologically depressed. I stopped taking all medications quickly and turned to years of physical therapy, yoga, and aquatic therapy to curb stiffness and pain. In 1993 while working on my undergraduate degree, I passed out during a class. I underwent many tests that accumulated in a diagnosis of migraine variant with vertigo. I also had 3 miscarriages and breast surgery during these years. I continued to use my biofeedback training and participated in training in mediation, visualization, self-hypnosis, and spiritual healing techniques.


On September 13, 2001 I had lower back fusion. Six months later, I passed out a second time. After many tests had been completed I was diagnosed with a brain tumor. Over the next years I endured surgery, steroids, many rounds of chemo and radiation, and loss of short-term memory. I continued to build my relaxation and self-healing toolbox by bringing acupuncture and massage therapies to my toolbox. In 2008 I was ‘allowed’ to stop taking the harsh medications, etc that I had been on for many years.  My professional mentor passed in 2009, as did my best friend. My mother (whom was my long-term advocator) passed in 2010 in a car accident at which time I experience a severe level of depression. 2011 and 2012 brought lymphdema in my left arm, a breast cyst, thyroid bioscopy, and a shingle outbreak that has left me with constant abdomen pain.


My toolbox started with biofeedback. Since 1985, it has grown to my personal use of many other alternative healing techniques. I have been ‘taught’ that with emotional and physical health, especially chronic issues, we need to look deeper than just to lessen the symptoms…we need to look at the ‘whole’ individual. No person is alike and therefore each personal individual’s struggle should be treated according to bio-individuality of each person. In other words, 5 people might seek treatment for headaches, but rather than applying one protocol for all 5, each person is carefully interviewed and examined to determine which treatment will work best for them.


Therefore my commitment to my own health balance is a large part of my inspiration and compassion to help others develop or maintain their life’s balance (mind-body-spirit). I thoroughly enjoy living at this time and feel privileged to help others on their healing journeys.